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Don't Fall For Fake Tech Support Scams

Don’t click that pop-up for a “free virus scan”. Scammers create pop-up ads, make fake websites, and call you pretending to be tech support personnel—but they’re not helping you, they’re just taking your money or stealing your information. The elderly are especially vulnerable to these tricks. Share your knowledge with others!

Learn to Spot Tech Support Scams

If you get a pop-up, call, spam email or any other urgent message about a virus on your computer, stop. Don’t click on any links or call a phone number. Don’t send any money. Don’t give anyone control of your computer. Microsoft does not display pop-up warnings and ask you to call a toll-free number about viruses or security problems. Report it at Include the phone number that you were told to call. Keep your security software up to date. Know what it looks like so you can spot a fake. Tell someone about this scam. You might help them spot it and avoid a costly call.

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